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Kim, Hongmin
Attorney at Law

Civil, Criminal, Corporate Practice

After graduating from the Department of Inorganic Materials Engineering at Seoul National University, Kim, Hongmin served as an Air Force Bachelor’s Officer for 3 years at the Air Force Academy before being discharged as a lieutenant in the Air Force. Attorney Kim has a lot of experience in the field of intellectual property rights. Currently, he is serving as a director of the Korean Copyright Law Association, and is in charge of consulting and related litigation for 10 companies including Light Loan, a KOSDAQ-listed company at Law Firm SIWOO.


  • Passed judicial examination (2005) (before changing judicial prudence in the Republic of Korea)

Academic Backgrounds

  • Seoul Sungmoon High School
  • Graduated from Seoul National University College of Technology in Arms Materials Engineering (Bachelor of Engineering)
  • Konkuk University Graduate School of Law (Major in Intellectual Property Law, Master of Law)


  • Korean
  • English